February 14, 2017

Status update

We back! So, yeah, its been a while since I wrote something and there are reasons for that. But anyway I wan’t to continue blogging somewhat regularly (one-two times a week) and here is my status update on what happened for last… let me check… two with a half month, damn. What happened? i.e. why I was dry for such long period of time I quit my last job because it was horrible and I don’t even want to start about that (maybe someday). ... Read more

December 2, 2016

Weekly feature - first for December 2016

Another weekly feature edition. Couple of interesting videos this time! Articles on software development stuff One of the most popular python packages “requests” shipped big changes which break backward compatibility and why its like that. [https://lukasa.co.uk/2016/11/Five_Whys_Requests_212/] Pythonic ways to avoid using for loops and making your code better. [https://medium.com/python-pandemonium/never-write-for-loops-again-91a5a4c84baf#.b7hthkn2a] A lot of great materials about interview questions and problems. Really good stuff to prepare yourself or just to find some new challenge. ... Read more

November 28, 2016

Sunday night random coding and some thoughts on better programming

So it was Sunday late evening and I’m, almost sleeping, randomly cruising through reddit, came to this article. In which author shares his experience of becoming “better programmer”, and I found it some what controversial for me. Generally he takes two common programming problems and compares how he did them in the start of his programming career and now. This is cool short reading itself and 100% educational, but in my opinion for another reason than author thought. ... Read more

November 27, 2016

Daily programmer - saturday defusal

Right of the way gonna say that doing it on Saturday just because didn’t feel like doing it at all. This task is based on Mondays one and consists of two parts. Task is here, latest solution is here. So with regular task I came pretty quickly and there is really nothing special comparing with easy one. (def wire-rules {:s0 {\w :s1, \r :s2} :s1 {\w :s2, \o :s3} :s2 {\b :s3, \r :s0} :s3 {\b :s3, \o :s4, \g :s5} :s4 {\g :exit} :s5 {\o :exit}}) (defn end? ... Read more

November 25, 2016

Weekly feature - second and last for November 2016

Again I’m bringing pile of articles I’ve read this week and found them interesting enough to share. The most interesting things in my opinion were those tensioned discussions all over the internet about Zed Show’s article on python 3. Also I’ve read some materials on CAP theorem, yes, again, to clarify missing moments for me one more time. And I finally found book on Clojure for myself. I twice dismissed Brave and true, its not bad in any sense, but just doesn’t fit my needs. ... Read more

November 21, 2016

Daily programmer (easy Monday)

Another easy Monday except this one is little bit more easy than last one. Here is the task. I finished rather fast with initial version, but doing little changes for of times I’ve ended up with this. (ns daily-programmer.20161121_easy.core (:use [clojure.string :only [split-lines]])) (def wire-rules-m {"white" {:to-cut #{} :not-to-cut #{"white" "black"}} "red" {:to-cut #{"green"} :not-to-cut #{}} "black" {:to-cut #{} :not-to-cut #{"white" "green" "orange"}} "orange" {:to-cut #{"red" "black"} :not-to-cut #{}} "green" {:to-cut #{"orange" "white"} :not-to-cut #{}} "purple" {:to-cut #{} :not-to-cut #{"purple" "green" "orange" "white"}}}) (defn can-cut? ... Read more

November 19, 2016

Saturday morning - random coding problems solving

So I just randomly (from /r/coding actually) came across this site which is built over idea of mocking interviews similar to big IT companies do. And it got my attention because it has some examples of programming tasks in its blog. Tasks, which I found seem to be not hard at all (authors mention this as well) and I think that such problems may be asked either for lower grade positions or during initial stages of interviewing process. ... Read more

November 18, 2016

Weekly feature - first for November 2016

So this is one of the things I actually started running this blog for. I want to collect all written/watched/seen stuff related to software development, IT in general or simply something interesting in one place and post it weekly in sort of digest. Since I’m doing this strictly for myself there will be no language or technology specific stuff, but just anything I’ve read or seen during week and found interesting for myself. ... Read more

November 17, 2016

Daily programmer (easy Monday)

Since this is first post on daily-programmer topic I need some introduction. So there is this awesome sub reddit called DailyProgrammer where programming tasks on algorithms are posted 3 times a week. Easy ones on Mondays, intermedium ones on Tuesdays and hard ones on Friday. You can post Your solutions in favorite language and compile and test them directly in the comment section with /u/CompileBot. I’ve been aware about this thing for already quite some time but never was able to stick with it for too long. ... Read more

November 16, 2016

And there was word

And it was when I finally decided to get myself some sort of general purpose site. This idea starts to concern every developer at some point. in one way or another everyone of us needs to store somewhere all of his/her ideas/thoughts/etc and preferably in one place. Some create their one site from the scratch, others use one of the blogging platforms. First approach is not interesting for me just because its not challenging or educational and second one seems to be not so adjustable and requires to much steps. ... Read more

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